Geobiology: Find harmony

What is Geo Biology? This is a very ancient knowledge but that can be classified as a new science for contemporary man. This is an association of the root geo (earth) and biology (the study of all that is alive). Geo Biology deals with the harmonious development of life (humans, animals and plants).

The radiation of the earth affects the cells of our body. We are interconnected with our environment. Our workplaces or housing may be disturbed by waves related to electric and magnetic fields (underground water currents, metal grids, geological faults, the cosmic-telluric chimneys and building materials and forms of architecture). People living in these disturbed areas can become sick from their environment.

When the earth and sky reveal their secrets...

What is the impact on the living? It is the creation of energy interference. In the universe, everything is vibration with each element having its own frequency. This invisible radiation permeates steel and concrete and our bodies.

Telluric and cosmic energies: Everything is vibration, our bodies, our environment including the planet and the cosmos which are two primordial forces, meaning energy. Telluric energy emanates from the center of the earth while cosmic energy radiates from space. The earth is negatively charged and the cosmos is positively charged. These energies (cosmic-telluric) are perfectly natural and have always existed. Wherever we are on earth, we are under the constant influence of these two energies. We live in a huge electromagnetic field resulting from ongoing exchanges between the earth and the cosmos.

Telluric energy: Movement of matter occurring within the earth creates telluric currents or waves. Airwaves exist out of the earth and currents flow inside.

Interestingly, animals are more sensitive to these influences and will avoid them. For example, animals fleeing terrestrial radiation are: dogs, horses, sheep, goats, cows and pigs. Others such as cats, ants, bees and insects in general are attracted to terrestrial radiation. Cats like to rest on the telluric crossings.

Cosmic Energy: The solar wind affects our planet as well as set of cosmic energy particles called cosmic ultrahigh energy.

What is Geo Biology? Geo Biology is used to detect several negative influences on the human body, to correct and improve the places of living and work. It aims to detect and possibly correct the cosmic-telluric imbalances related to the presence of disturbance in the soil, such as:

  • Underground water currents
  • Geo Biological flaws
  • Networks (Hartmann, Curry, Peyré, etc.)
  • Cosmic-telluric chimneys
  • Ore Veins
  • Telluric currents

Should our environment be affected by these types of phenomena, it is possible to heal our habitat and energetically re-build our living space.

Geo Biological networks. Networks are a grid of invisible walls that cover the planet. There are a multitude of networks, but I will focus on two of them: Hartmann and Curry networks, since these are the best known. They exert a powerful influence on our bodies, animals, insects, birds and plants. 

Hartmann network: Named for its discoverer, it is a directed network N / SE / O that runs through the earth. This is a grid of rectangles 2 meter (N / S) x 2.5 meters (I / O) and the width of the strips is 21 centimeters.

Hartmann network is called "telluric" because it is rooted in the earth and rises vertically through housing and reinforced concrete slabs.

The so-called neutral zone is the part located inside the mesh, and the most harmful part is where there is an intersection of these lines. Sleeping on a line of Hartmann network can cause discomfort. Dr. Hartmann said that the physical and moral health of man is largely dependent on the specific place where he lives, sleeps and works.

Curry network: Named for its discoverer, is a diamond network whose length can vary between 3-8 meters. It is placed diagonally, either N / AN / E and N / O / O compared to the Hartmann network. Network bands are spaced apart by 4 meters and are 40 centimeters in width.

This network is more harmful than that of Hartmann and is particularly daunting if located at a bed, a desk, a chair where one often stays. The crossing of a Curry network beneath a bed will gradually deprive the person of his energies during sleep rather than refueling the occupant. His energy level will decline instead of being refueled. The maximum power of the network is reached between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, which is why people often wake up at that hour.

Crossing: The point where two or more lines cross are called knots or intersections. Prolonged and repeated exposure to these areas can cause health problems. When positioned on a Hartman or Curry intersection, or both combined, these networks can create harmful points for the human who stays there for prolonged periods.  Intersections with other telluric and cosmic disturbances, such underground streams, a fault, or other radio activity, also created disruptive areas.

Unfortunately, today's homes are built without consideration for these natural forces. Until about 300 years before building a house or a farm, people examined the ground carefully.

Geo Biology through time: Living in harmony with nature, the ancients understood human beings are part of a coherent whole. Several civilizations that preceded us were aware of  invisible radiation and fields throughout the earth, using the knowledge of energy flow. The use of standing stones (menhirs), placed strategically, were used to neutralize the negatively charged sites (Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France). This shows that our ancestors not only knew about the telluric currents but also knew how to protect themselves from their harmful influences.

Menhirs are long standing stones, varying in height from a few centimeters to over 20 meters. These stones are sunk into the ground of several tens of centimeters. Once the stone is properly seated and oriented, the harmony of Sky / Earth will be restored.

Origins of Geo Biology? Officially, since 1950 when a pioneer researcher of Geo Biology, Dr. Ernst Hartmann, found on the surface of the soil, the presence of a wide network of electromagnetic radiation, like a huge canvas that looks like a spider web.

Sacred Geo Biology: Some cathedrals were built on a so-called sacred network. This network is so named because of where the Romanesque churches, Templar and Gothic cathedrals from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries are built above. The configuration of this grid aims to increase the vibration level of a church.

Builders of medieval cathedrals enabled humans to significantly raise consciousness, approaching the divine. By observing sacred sites around the world (megaliths, monuments, cathedrals and ceremonial places ...), we find that they are not situated at random, but on precise geometric lines. These are major energy currents flowing from west to east. They have the ability to push the negative energies.

The cathedral builders were familiar with these energy networks and knew how to use them in their works. We also find this geometry,  the implementation of menhirs and dolmens  during the Neolithic period. Traces document the use of sacred geometry date back to the 5th millennium BC.

What is the role of a Geo Biologist?

  • Identify the locations of pollution, water, cracking veins, cosmic-telluric chimneys as well as negative Hartmann, Curry, Peyré  and Palm telluric currents.
  • Advise people before building a house.
  • Help before buying a house  indicating its energy level, potential energy level and major disturbances.
  • Analyze houses, apartments and workplaces.
  • Place a device in a specific location to harmonize its surroundings.

Earth Acupuncture: Like acupuncture reorders the energies of our body meridians, earth acupuncture acts upon Earth meridians, rebalancing of energies of the earth. For example, when positioning the menhir in a field, it rebalances the cosmic and earth energies, affecting the animals and plants living there. Menhirs are used to capture the telluric energy, directing it to another point. The menhir, among other things, serves to evacuate nuisances at ground level to the sky. The lost science of the ancient Neolithic man is like the acupuncturist's needle carefully planted on the meridians path.  Neolithic men placed their menhirs on terrestrial meridians to regulate the flow and make it beneficial.

The menhir point is a convergence of terrestrial and cosmic currents. Here,the polarity of a location  slows down to harmonize its waves and change the effects. My goal is to use the polarity to neutralize harmful items altering a site where one can concentrate on the search for the man between heaven and earth. Geo Biology is inspired by these techniques to build livable homes.

Geo Biology: Many testify to increasing agricultural and dairy productivity through the use of Geo Biology. It allows companies or individuals to prevent errors of settlements and choose materials to improve dwellings.

Important principles to remember:

  1. Avoid long stays on a menhir point where the energy is too strong.
  2. It is still possible nowadays to use standing stones to harmonize and protect land or premises.
  3. The menhir principle can be used in architecture.

There is no magic, but the exploitation of the earth's resources.

Geo Biologist. A Geo Biologist uses invisible meridians of nature. Placed at specific locations, the menhir and dolmen are animated by their own energy. The standing stones capture the vital forces of the earthly and heavenly frame. These forces are captured by the stones under pressure. The vibrations are then transmitted over its surroundings finding its lost balance.

The researcher who studies the cosmic-telluric alignments tries to unravel the mysterious links that run through sacred architecture of nature, an impalpable universe.

How can it detect Geo Biologist telluric networks? By going to places with measuring instruments, such as the lecher antenna, which will read the vibration of a site, such as disruptive telluric currents that could endanger the harmony or the energy balance of the human being. The Lecher antenna is a German scientific instrument that can detect the vibration energy (electromagnetic radiation).

Photos: Now with photos and experiences from the past, I'll demonstrate the adventure of invisible and visible. Nature gives good references. It’s a great help.

  • How to make the sound visible in nature
  • Create Flash without clouds
  • Locate a cosmic-telluric chimney
  • Growing grass in difficult places (to name a few)

Underground forces of disorder create friction to limit free access to this mass of information. Placing  a Menhir or Dolmen harmonizes the ground and its environment. The goal is to find a balance between the two opposing forces.

The Lecher antenna is a device designed after the discovery of Ernst Lecher, an Austrian physicist (1856-1926).

This instrument makes subtle physical and energy readings. It is composed of parallel wire and a slider, with which the energy supply of the user develops a wave resonating with a wave of the same caliber, activating the antenna.

First example: The dead grass photo

At this point we replaced the grass every year for eight consecutive years. With the Lecher antenna, I located terrestrial magnetic fields and celestial origin, where there are several intersections. I buried a 38 cm metal rod (15 inches) length of 8 cm (3 inches) below the ground level. After a little over a month, I went back and the grass had grown a beautiful green uniform as you can see in the picture # 2. This is what I call the earth acupuncture. There are underground water streams which cause variations in the terrestrial magnetic field.

The Lecher Antenna is an instrument of dowsing. One theory suggests the instrument helps us access our subconscious to find the wealth of information. This connection with our environment creates a thread between heaven and earth of a higher consciousness.

Picture # 1

Picture # 2

The second exercise is similar to the first example, in the fact that the grass no longer grows in places (see photo 3). In this location, I detected an underground stream with a fall.

Picture 4:  A winter scene, the same place.

Two dogs are allowed to run freely in the field. But as we can see, the dogs do not go above the underground river. This is proof of their sensitivity and that there is something disturbing in this specific location. Having a bed at this location could prove disruptive to sleep and health.

I will propose further solutions in the content of my presentation.

Picture # 3

Picture # 4

Picture # 5 

I placed a stone table (dolmen) at a specific location. Here, significant energy emanates from the ground. Even the tree in this photo is removed.

The dolmen is constructed with the iron in the stone oriented north / south. The stone’s polarity is determined using the Lecher Antenna (-) and (+). I put a plus (+) with a minus (-) and assemble the table. At this location, a combination of telluric,  high-intensity Hartmann and Curry networks, underground streams and gamma rays existed.

The location of the dolmen has created an imbalance of electrons together with a vacuum just outside the stone table. This force balanced the scene of magnetic and electric. The principle of lightning and thunder would be set up with the tree as conductor. The resin also has its role in static electricity, insulation or polarization. The tree becomes electrified above the underground streams.

A force is exerted on the walls of the space.

The space,  located three meters from the diameter of the stone table, created an opening that accelerated when polarities met. The visible and invisible worlds collide. Bridging a gap with a dolmen disperses energy by producing the concentration of minus (-). It provides protection from the negative polarity by dispersing the positive (+). For now, I do not understand how I created lighting without clouds, as shown in the pictures 5 and 6.

Three days later, it snowed and the tree broke diagonally. We see that the other trees are intact. The broken tree with a height of about 21 meters (70 feet) is not rotten. The phenomenon of energy surrounding us works in mysterious ways.

Picture # 5

Picture # 6

Photo # 7

A menhir (standing stone) was placed at a location where high intensity Hartmann/Curry fishnet telluric crossings combine with a radioactive fault.

The menhir has a toning effect on the terrestrial radiation. It conducts the negative polarity of the earth towards its periphery, thereby causing a concentration of cosmic positive. The insufficient penetration of cosmic radiation gives rise to surface turbulence, where one can see that the vegetation is in trouble. Good penetration of cosmic radiation gives the sensation of light and toned ground surface. Differences in absorption increase given the conductivity of the soil.

The menhir is a polarity play (necessary to create an expansion of the minus polarity), which reverses the polarity of the place, neutralizing harmful items, making the site suitable for development of vegetation and man. During construction of the menhir, (photo # 8), the sides dried at different rates. Strangely, the sunny south side took three days to dry, while the north side of the stele dried the same day. So we have a dry side and a wet side, two paths lead to the great work, the dry way and the wet way. Inside the menhir, a type column is set up along which a current meets and turns.

Picture # 7

Picture # 8

Photo # 9

In the photo we see a pile of snow. At this time of year, all the snow has melted, except where is a cosmic-telluric chimney. After identifying the location of these energies, the owner mentioned to me that when he cut his cedar hedges, his electric saw was short-circuited.

A cosmos-telluric chimney, (original creative earth force) consists of two winding magnetic currents (one negative the other positive). Their intersection forms centers of pulsating energy, that rotate like wheels of a moving force both centrifugal and centripetal. This expels and reintegrates energy.

In nature, the elements  compete with each other, just as the fire evaporates water. Upon finishing the dommen (stone table), seven cats came out from under the surrounding chalets walking in single file. They had felt the polarity reversal.

This is a place where collected cosmic currents penetrate the earth in order to maintain balance. The harmony of the spheres portal (there are seven spheres) and the movement time of rise and fall with times varying between 10 and13 minutes depending on the location. Chimneys have from two to nine arms which vary in length. If by bad luck, a house is built on these animated wheels, we will feel drafts inside the building producing the sensation of entities seated at the table while having dinner with friends. Currents below the table produce unusual moments of silence.

Picture # 9

Picture # 10

Photo # 10

Making sound visible in nature:

Here also, cosmic and terrestrial radiation have met with underground water. I have observed fruit flies that swirled at this location. I then positioned myself in the same place, seeing the flies react when I spoke. I made sounds (Hum) with different intonations. Flies followed the sound up and down near my mouth, their synchronized figure eight path varying in size.  A dialogue of vibration resonance laws is created between heaven, earth and the living where everything emerges. The plan, the movement, the spiral become the electrons in the magnetic field, materializing geometrically.

I have been practicing Geo Biology (Habitat medicine) for over 15 years, by applying principles of Geo Biology. (Science of the living earth)

In addition, I have accumulated other information over the years, observing the birds, bees, turtles, ants, and vegetation worthy of sharing. For now, I hope I have made the subject of Geo Biology, informative and understandable, Illustrationg how it can  be used for the health of our homes.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone: 819-918-0338.